Dogs & Marijuana – Is Cannabis Good For Dogs?

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Dogs And Marijuana: 15 Must Know Facts About CBD Oil For Dogs Cannabis For Dogs As more states legalize marijuana for humans, more pet owners are giving their furry companions cannabis-based extracts, ointments and edibles marketed to treat everything from arthritis and anxiety to seizures and cancer. While we cannot predict whether your dog will be …

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Cannabis For Dogs – Cannabis Pets – CBD For Dogs

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Cannabis For Dogs Animals suffer from medical conditions similar to those affecting humans, such as cancer, arthritis, diabetes, sleep disorders, anxiety and chronic pain. Seeking health care treatment options for pets is a similar proposition for pet owners who want the safest, most effective therapies for their animals that are also financially economical & cost efficient. …

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Weed For Dogs – Is Weed Bad For Dogs?

Weed & dogs. Is weed bad for dogs? Is weed good for dogs?

Weed For Dogs Is Weed Good For Dogs? When your favorite furry friend gets sick, develops a chronic condition, or gets diagnosed with a cancer, it can be heartbreaking; especially since so many conventional pharmaceutical medical treatments are not fully effective–leaving you feeling helpless and scared about your best friend’s uncertain future. When conventional treatment options …

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Hemp For Dogs – Is Hemp Good For Dogs?

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Hemp For Dogs During the past few years companies specializing in cannabis products for human consumption have turned their attention to the emerging markets of cannabis for pets. And pet owners are looking for alternatives to traditional medicines to treat their dog’s epilepsy, separation anxiety, lymphoma, diabetes or a multitude of other ailments seen in …

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Hemp Oil For Dogs – Is Hemp Oil Good For Dogs?

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Hemp Oil For Dogs Dog lovers everywhere, particularly those looking for a natural remedy for their pet’s pain, anxiety or seizures, will appreciate the growing scientific evidence for using CBD from hemp to temper many canine medical conditions and help support healthy, graceful aging of their cherished companions. Is Hemp Oil Good For Dogs? If …

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Terpenes – Cannabis Terpenes – Terpenes Definition

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Terpenes Historically, terpenes have been a major constituent in most essential oils. The term ‘essential oil’ is a shortened version of quintessential oil. Aristotle believed that all matter was made of four elements: air, earth, fire, and water. There was thought to be a fifth element (quintus is Latin for five), called the life-force or …

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