Side Effects Of Phenobarbitol In Dogs – Better Medicine?

Phenobarbitol for dogs side effects

Phenobarbitol For Dogs As a pet owner, watching your dog have a seizure is incredibly frightening! You’re witnessing your dog go through a very traumatic experience and you feel out of control–unsure what to do to help them. When an animal has a seizure disorder, the frequency and severity of the seizures determines the need …

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CBD Dog Treats – Are CBD Treats Safe For Dogs?

cannabidiol treats for dogs

What Are Cannabidiol Treats For Dogs? It’s everywhere! You can’t seem to get away from it– From drug stores to coffee shops; from gas stations to your Aunt’s home-baked-cookies, CBD (Cannabidiol) seems to be everywhere and in everything! It’s nearly impossible to miss the onslought of headlines touting the latest & greatest all-natural remedy to …

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Aspirin For Dogs – Safe Alternatives To Aspirin

aspirin for dogs

Aspirin For Dogs For compassionate pet parents, seeing your dog in pain can be emotionally distressing! The first thing you want to do is take away their pain and make them more comfortable–but how? Dogs can suffer from many different ailments including arthritis and hip dysplasia that may cause noticeable pain in their limbs and …

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Osteoarthritis In Dogs – Home Care For K9 Osteoarthritis

osteoarthritis for dogs

Osteoarthritis In Dogs Osteoarthritis (OA) is one of the most common health conditions that afflict our canine companions and statistically one of the most common orthopedic problems seeen in dogs by veterinarians worldwide. The exact prevalence of Osteoarthritis in dogs has not been established; but most animal care experts indicate approximately one-quarter (20-25%) of the …

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Hip Dysplasia In Dogs – Effective Treatment Alternatives

Hip Dysplasia treatment for dogs

Hip Dysplasia In Dogs Few things are more heart-wrenching for a dog owner than to watch as their furry companion struggles with the agonizing pain and grueling, hobbling motion that comes from the progressive lameness of canine hip dysplasia. Although canine hip dysplasia (CHD) is a well-known disorder in veterinary medicine (affecting about 15% of all …

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Dog Seizures – What Causes Seizures In Dogs?

Canine Seizures

Dog Seizures Canine Epilepsy and seizures can be quite debilitating and they usually interfere with a dog’s ability to lead a happy and full life. Not to mention the hardship and sorrow this condition can bring to a loving pet owner having to watch their family member be tormented by this desperate situation. Now, more …

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