Dog Age Calculator – Helping Your Dog Live Longer

Dog age calculator

Dog Age Calculator The sad truth is dogs age much faster than humans. But if you have a dog and ever wondered how old they are in human years it’s likely you’ve heard the rule-of-7. The Rule of Seven says that a single human year equals 7 years for your dog. Turns out, however, the …

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What Can You Give A Dog For Pain And Swelling?

What can you give a dog for pain and swelling

What Can You Give A Dog For Pain and Swelling? No one likes to see their four-legged friend in any kind of distress, so it can be heartbreaking when your dog is visibly in pain. Worse still, dogs are notorious for hiding pain. Meaning that by the time a loving pet parent is finally able …

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What Can You Give A Dog For Pain? Natural Pain Relief For Dogs

what can you give a dog for pain?

What Can You Give A Dog For Pain? You may have a dog that whimpers and whines when he’s in obvious pain–OR–maybe you care for a dog that shows very little outward signs of pain & suffering, known as ‘signaling behavior’. In either case, your furry canine companion is pleading with you to help find …

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Apoquel For Dogs – Side Effects Of Apoquel For Dogs

Apoquel for dogs

Apoquel For Dogs By their very nature, dogs tend to lick, scratch and chew themselves! But if your dog is suffering from unrelenting itching behavior due to skin allergies,  relief can’t come soon enough for you and your dog to get back to a life of doing what you love. Unfortunately when dermatitis causes an …

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Keppra For Dogs – Side Effects Of Keppra On Dogs

Keppra for dogs Side effects

Keppra For Dogs Even though seizures are a frequently reported neurological conditon in dogs, it’s never easy to see your beloved pup be affected by a convulsive fit or seizure. A seizure is any sudden and uncontrolled movement of the animal’s body caused by abnormal brain activity. Seizures may be very severe and affect all …

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Side Effects Of Phenobarbitol In Dogs – Better Medicine?

Phenobarbitol for dogs side effects

Phenobarbitol For Dogs As a pet owner, watching your dog have a seizure is incredibly frightening! You’re witnessing your dog go through a very traumatic experience and you feel out of control–unsure what to do to help them. When an animal has a seizure disorder, the frequency and severity of the seizures determines the need …

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