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Owner / Founder at K9 Medibles
Curtis has been passionate about the health and welfare of animals since his first dog rescue.

After studying Sports Medicine & Biology at the University of Oregon, Curtis went on to excel in a career of Clinical Nutrition, later owning a health care supplement company serving private-practice physicians.

Known for his expansive knowledge of natural health and alternative medicine, Curtis believes that natural plant-based therapies can be applied to veterinary animal care which led him to study the science of Cannabinoid Medicine.

His expertise in Functional Medicine led him to formulate a unique hemp-based canine care product, Canine Support Formula, fulfilling a dream to combine natural pet-care strategies with the new therapeutic potential of medical cannabis.

In reverence for his own dog, Curtis has dedicated his company, K9 Medibles, to improving the health and longevity of all dogs.

As a native Oregonian, Curtis loves the beautiful scenery & outdoor activities of hiking and biking in his home State.

To learn more about Curtis and how he can help your dog, visit https://www.k9-medibles.com/about-us/
Curtis Barnes

Terpenes Define Historically, terpenes have been a major constituent in most essential oils. The term ‘essential oil’ is a shortened version of quintessential oil. Aristotle …